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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Decision 2012: Energy

It's been a few days since I last posted concerning the political boiling pot, and with hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast Monday; sometimes these other topics seem less significant.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who have been hit by Sandy.  Thousands have lost homes, cars, property, and more importantly, life.  It's always amazing to me to see how generous the American people are.  So many donate money, time, and energy in helping to restore the lives of those suffering. Likewise, I am always in awe at the tenacity and optimism that exists among those hit the hardest.  In a time of tragedy such as this, it is amazing to see the country coming together!

With that said, election day is five days away and it is important to make sure that these critical topics don't get swept under the rug.  It is now more important than ever to ensure these, and other issues that will inevitably come to light in time, do not become static in the background.  Although energy is not one of the hottest topics among the political warfare, it will prove significant in the future of each of us as we strive to move forward in a time that has been so stagnant.  So, please when making a decision, be aware of what will help us move the country forward.  Fortunately, energy is something we as a country should utilize so that we CAN get the economy going in the right direction, as well as make the US a leader among energy.

Original Post: Energy

Energy / Environment: Obama In my great hometown of Roosevelt, Utah, it's drill baby drill ... and it's causing a boom here! It's very exciting. I'm serious. I, personally, having visited here for several weeks, am excited about this. It's great. And I support oil drilling. However, I support broader thinking in terms of cleaner energy. So, Obama for the win. (Anonymous)

Clean energy is great.  Obama, however well intended, has wasted millions of dollars on supposedly clean energy companies such as Solyndra, which has failed.  His attempts to turn moss into fuel seems a little ridiculous, especially at the expense of taxpayers dollars and our childrens future.  Romney wants to continue research in this area, however, he believes as do I, that it can be done in the private sector.  It has been proven that every time government steps into to make something better, that it has actually gotten worse.  One example is the Post Office.  They do it slower and are more expensive.  So UPS, FEDEX and other PRIVATE companies stepped in and have figured out a way to do it cheaper and more efficiently.  

In Florida there is an airport; they opted to hire a private company, rather than the government to come in and see if they could run the airport cheaper and more efficiently than the so called efficient government run airports.  What they have found is that they have shorter lines in their airport, they don't lose as many bags, they don't waste tax dollars on employing too many employees, and they don't tolerate apathy among their employees.   This occurs because the employees actually have to be good employees to KEEP their jobs.  Through competition, through incentives, they have found employees strive to do better, be more efficient, and work harder than their so called counterparts.  So instead of government run airports with long lines, delayed flights, unhappy travelers, and wasted tax dollars, they have a well oiled machine (no pun intended).  This private company has found a way through the PRIVATE SECTOR, and through COMPETITION, to DO IT BETTER! The government run airports have proven to be a sliver in the side of progression; among other government run programs.  Government employees have proven they are many times (not always) lazy and intolerant, wasting time and YOUR money. The government says WE CAN MAKE IT BETTER, Stossel says, "NO YOU CAN'T" (Stossel).

In John Stossel's new book "No, They Can't: Why Government Fails-But Individuals Succeed". John Stossel makes a strong argument, "The notion that government action is the best way to solve a problem. From the myth that government can spend its way out of a crisis to the mistaken belief that labor unions protect workers, Stossel, a true libertarian, provides evidence that the reality is very different from what intuition tells us. His evidence leads to the taboo conclusions that; Government already dominates health care and that’s the problem· The state keeps banning foods, but food bans don't make us healthier. Government-run schools and teachers’ unions haven’t made kids smarter".

This is the smartest concept I've heard and believe.  Any time you allow the private sector to work and compete, there will always be someone who will figure out a way to do it cheaper and more efficient than government run agencies.

Finally, we need oil.  Drilling is now so high tech that it can be done virtually without harm to the world around it.  Fossil fuels are a great example of that.  Take a geography class and you can learn more about fossil fuels. Clean coal is another resource we need to utilize.  There are many ways we can get energy.  These options are not bad, and yes, they also create much needed jobs in a horrible economy.  Gas prices are killing us, as they are many other American families.  Anyone who has felt the crunch of the economy, has felt it in their pocket books, especially in relation to the gas pumps.  I would love to see gas prices down under two dollars.  Anyone who says otherwise is not filling their own gas tank.

So, let's continue the progression of renewable energy and let's allow drilling for clean energy such as, fossil fuels, clean coal, etc.  Let's use the resources we have here in America.  This will allow us to become a self sufficient, and put us at the top of the ENERGY progressive movement!

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