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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So I have thought for some time that I should start a youtube channel that shows people, actually hair dressers how to actually style hair.  Not their hair, but hair on the top of their clients heads.  I fear I am not alone when I say, how in the heck can I pay you lots of mula to come out looking worse then when I went in?  Yeah the color looks good but holy crap, my hair looks like you took an iron to it and that it could brake at the first dirty look my daughter will inevitably give me.

Yes, I have unruly, curly, and yet stylish naturally curly hair.  I can't make up my mind as to whether I like it dark and sultry or blonde and bouncy.  As you will probably see being that every six months or so my hair color magically changes.  Discussion on this at a later time.  So hair stylists, please stop pretending that you know how to style hair such as mine and perhaps you can learn something from me.  For I will be posting "how to's" here shortly.  You know like, how to style curly hair Curly! Shocking I know.  How to straighten curly hair with out using a flat iron.  How to give body to curly hair when straightening.  How to stop curly hair from frizzing out thanks to the gosh dang humidity here in the south (which I conqure about 60% of the time).  And more I'm sure as I am constantly on the look out for good hair products that won't make it fall out!

I understand that you went to school for a year, that you know how to throw some bleach and processor together and come up with some kind of a concoction that will turn hair the color of gold, but come on.  If I pay $90 to get my hair done or more for that matter. I better come out looking like freaking Jennifer Anniston.  Unfortunatley I usually come out looking more along the lines of Cher back in the day when you actually did iron your hair with an actual iron.  

My other thought I've had is "I should start a blog on how to dress chic on the cheap".  NO seriously.  I hate paying high prices for clothes that in 6 months will be out of date, style, or look as though you've worn it for years thanks to the awesome washing machine and it's ability to suck the life and color out of most my clothes.  Over the last few years I've gone from jeans and t-shirt to jeans (and not just jeans but those hot jeans you see everyone wearing, you know the blinged out jeans).

Huge upgrade, I know!

To go with my hot blinged out skinny stylish jeans I've invested in some cheap yet chic ever stylish rider boots, and top it off with a cool, sexy blouse, something that makes you look less like a mom of three kids who just stuck her finger into a socket to a hot, sexy, still got it, woman,.  Let's throw in a biker jacket or scarve and don't forget some must have accessories.  Accessories I've found are simple, inexpensive ways to make your look go from boring to fabulous in less than a minute.  I know I sound so wise when talking about clothing, but let's be honest I'm just trying to keep my head above water when it comes to the fashion world.

Among the many many other crazy ideas I have are politics, parenting, being a mother in a world where being a mother is not such a cool thing, and trying to remain sane while going back to school in order to fullfill one of those long lost dreams we all hold on to till death do you part.  

So here's to my crazy, aud brain that can't seem to make up it's mind if my life depended on it.  In an effort to rangle my brain and come to terms with my thoughts I am here to spew out thoughts, ideas, and give you a window into my crazy head.  Most days I will warn you are full of crazy, non-sane moments for which I continue to try to convince myself that I'm normal.  

Normal, normal, normal... still trying to convince.

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