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Friday, October 26, 2012

Love It or Hate It

Five years ago I couldn't have cared less about economy, taxes, foreign policy, gay rights, gun laws, education reform, etc.  However almost five years ago exactly my husband was a recent graduate in the field of Architecture.  We felt the crunch and the frustration of the last four years intimately, and unfortunately I have seen little improvement.  As election day draws near I am to the point in my life where I feel it is very important to voice my concerns, beliefs and ideals.  

Obviously this is not always the popular thing to do.  Love it or hate it, I will inevitably receive differing opinions, and we all know how civil discourse is these days.  However, I'm throwing concern out the window; the only people fighting for what we believe in are reporters; who get paid to even though technically they are suppose to be non-partisan; which most aren't.  Hollywood personalities, and those fighting for their own personal revolutions.  I feel very passionately that although I will inevitably take heat for voicing my opinion, it is more important now than ever before to stand up for what you believe in.

A week or so ago I read a post on a blog, it went through various talking points and as I read through them I wanted to write a quick response at the inadequacies and lack of specifics of that days post.  However, I refrained because I am a little hot headed and I didn't want to offend the individual; again going back to civil discourse.  So I let it sit.  After letting it stew for a few days and writing down my thoughts about these particular points, I was able to write down exactly what I thought, felt, and where I feel the country is going and where I would like to see it go.  In an effort to be as precise as possible I have included specific names and events to give credibility to my thoughts.  

So over the next few days I will be posting on different hot topics, and hopefully will give accurate and credible information, because we all know there is nothing more frustrating than being given "half" the story or told an inaccurate information.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments, however if you feel the need to use inexcusable language or verbiage, your post will be deleted without further adieu. I respect others for their ideology and beliefs and although I'm voicing my personal opinion, I expect you to show some respect as well. People there is no need to be ignorant or treat others with disrespect.

So... love it or hate it, tomorrow will begin countdown to election day. 

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