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Saturday, November 3, 2012

What Is Your "Piece Of Heaven"?

It is not a secret that my little piece of heaven is that moment in my day when I get to drink an extremely cold diet coke, let me emphasize EXTREMELY cold Diet Coke.  Why diet coke?  I think in some bizarre and possibly psychotic way it takes me to a happy place.  Perhaps it is that I can call it mine.  And no grubby little fingers get any! We all know it has nothing to do with the addictive nature of caffeine.  And if so, who the heck cares, it tastes good!  In that moment of pure chaos, we mother's need a little piece of heaven.


So I'm curious, what is YOUR piece of heaven?


  1. I have to totally agree with the diet coke, but to top it off I need to be consuming said beverage on a beach with the sun on my face and the smell of the ocean on the breeze.

  2. I agree with the beach-but I'd need a book and some peanut M&M's. Oh and a diet coke or pepsi.