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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Short Story

So this is actually something I wrote almost two years ago, but for some reason I have been thinking about it. Why?  Because my baby is turning four in a few months and it makes me lugubrious (new word of the day... meaning: sad. This is my attempt at sounding smarter ;).  My little man is my sidekick, the yin to my yang, the fung to my shui... did I go too far? You get the picture.  He is always full of hugs, kisses, cuddles, loves, and always makes me & everyone around him laugh.  The ladies love his blonde curls and his stylish green frog rain boots.  Not to mention he is the cutest superhero alive in his green frog rain boots,  buzz lightyear underwear, and superhero cape! I would post pics, but someone from DCSF would probably see this as child abuse, or child porn and have me arrested before the days end.  So I will refrain.  

This particular story was actually an assignment for a class I was taking on stress management.  Ironic, I know! Anyhow, for all you mom's out there; this is a tribute to you and all those long nights, lost hours of sleep, and all those damn wrinkles that keep creeping up just so we can contribute to the human population.  That somehow in our attempt to make the world a better place, we, in our deranged and erratic heads of ours; believe with all our hearts that WE can make a difference, and somehow we do.  However big or small, we all accomplish great things, all in the name of child rearing.  Nine months of stretch marks, belly's growing unscrupulously large, and your once plump and bodacious boobs now look something akin too (well the only reference that comes to mind is "Do Your Ears Hang Low" except usurp the word Ears for Boobs).  They will forever be mourned. This story is a reminder that all those horrible, body altering,  mood swinging, hormonal/PMSing experiences are all worth it, because somewhere in all that controlled chaos, a moment so sweet nuzzles it's way in, and for an instant...we fall in love all over again.

Here goes...

The day started off like most days, she woke up to the sound of her baby, (who at two and a half wasn't really considered a baby anymore, but to her he was) yelling "mama", "mama", or in other words, "come get me".  Exhausted from the previous few days she flopped her feet out of bed, eyes taped closed with what felt like duct tape and tried to feel her way down the stairs to the babies room. 

Fighting the brightness of any stream of light she finally opened her eyes to her sweet little baby smiling, arms out, ready for his protector to swoop him up and take care of his every need.  As they came upstairs, she tried to wipe the sleepy thoughts from her brain.  (You know the one that says "just fill the sippy cup with milk, turn on "Cars" and then you can go get back in bed"!

The thought won, however it was not long lasting!  Before she knew it the little bug was tapping her arm and signing to her that he was hungry.  Signing had been adopted with her second child as an easy form of communication, and this particular little guy had taken to it especially early and didn't seem to have a desire to talk... as of yet. 

So sleepily she crawled out of bed, wondering why she'd even thought it possible to gain more sleep and kicking herself for not being more disciplined when it came to her desire for sleep.  It seemed her "sleeping brain" could talk the "running brain" or "feed the kids brain" into doing what it wanted every time!

Someday she thought, I will figure out how to control mind over matter; but, for today... "sleep brain" had won yet, once again! Chalk it up for Sleep Brain "to many to count" and "other brain", "zero"; okay not zero but it's numbers are too pathetic to actually put on paper!

As she clumsily filled her child's bowl with cereal and milk she realized the other two children were not yet up and for a second she smiled and took in that tiny moment of quiet bliss.........................................................
And then, like clockwork, that moment had dissipated into thin air.  The seven year old "Crazy" and his nemesis eight, almost nine year old "Drama Queen" sister had awakened and within minutes the tiny moment of quiet bliss had disappeared into a black hole never to be seen again for the next 12 hours. 

As chaos ensued as it did most mornings, she wondered how she'd get anything done.  And then the thought came... "if only I could disappear to some beach by myself, just for 24 hours.  Oh how the world would be a much better place."  Just for a moment! (Perhaps a nice cold diet coke will suffice for now.)

Women, it's time for OUR timeout! Whatever it is, take a moment, close your eyes, drink a diet coke (in my case), sip that wine, read that book... you deserve it!

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  1. Okay-I'm a little slow-but here goes...a quote from my mom that she read years ago-by a prophet-I think-David O McKay..goes something like this: so much of life's later joy begins at the fountainhead of our homes. Meaning-the reward comes later. And I have found that is true. There are moments-wonderful moments that carry us through. But when your kids are older and you can carry on meaningful conversations-you realize "this is great"! And when your girls are your best friends-well that says it all! Our kids and grandkids-they/you are the best part of life.