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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Decision 2012: Foreign Policy

So in response to a post that I read on a recent blog, I found it interesting and am anxious to discuss.  I will only be posting quotes from their blog in an effort to not create biased propaganda.  Here is the first topic not in any specific order to which I would like to discuss. Since foreign policy is such a hot topic and continues to bring forth disturbing news which the main media doesn't seem to want to cover, I want to discuss it first. 

Original Post:
"Obama, Let's be honest, I just think Hilary Clinton is doing a really good job as Secretary of State, keep her." (Anonymous)

I am surprised that your whole foreign policy lies on Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a major player concerning the whole Libya/Benghazi attack.  Rather than standing up and being straightforward & honest with the American people, Hillary Clinton chose to deceive us.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not forthright in her information, and it now appears she was not only misleading, but completely incorrect in her (whitehouse) misguided assessment.  

The white house under the supervision of President Barrack Obama, not only encouraged her to mislead the American people but I believe they willingly used her and threw her under the bus so that they, the current Presidency would not have to take responsibility for what was being said. Clinton came out and said the attack was caused by a youtube video (as did the white house), and that there was a "spontaneous riot" which was the cause of this horrible attack.  As if this were some coincidental attack.  Never mind that it happened on the anniversary of  Sept. 11.  Then later Hillary Clinton came out and told us that IT was a terror attack.  I wish she would have spoken the truth in the beginning, the dems may have hated her for it, but Americans would have loved her honesty, and I think it would have benefited her efforts in the future.

She was in charge of making sure that our US Ambassador Chris Stevens had adequate support, however it was denied.  The Obama administration has apologized time and again for the US when they should have been standing strong.  On top of that they are trying to establish relationships with terrorists.  Since when do we make agreements to terrorists.  Since when do we make agreements with Jihadists and war-mongers. 

I have not been impressed with any of the foreign policies that have been established by Obama.  All I have seen is a weak, cowering man, coddling the very people who would love to see us all dead.  Obama needs to make the US look strong and yet he makes us look like we are weak.  He continues to apologies for freedom of speech and our previous policies. And as far as his sanctions go... never in the history of the United States have sanctions worked.  Not once.

He has failed to keep tight allies with Israel who has always been a very close ally;  you can see discontent anytime you see Obama pretending to try and help them.  Furthermore, Netanyahu appears "to have lost trust when it comes to the Obama presidency". Obama didn't meet with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu during the United Nations General Assembly in NY;  instead he thought it more important to go chum with the ladies on The View!  Or Letterman?  WOW! And the latest, MTV, a new low.  I am so proud that our American President feels it more important to look Hollywood than to look Presidential.  Israel has no idea where the President stands when it comes to Israel maintaining their freedom.  Romney was dead on in the Presidential debate when asked "hypothetically" if he got a phone call from Israel the night before they started bombing their enemies what Romney would do.  Romney was quick to respond, "let's not even go there, because I would have had the conversation with Israel long before it came down to that".  However, I can't help but wonder if Obama would be the one getting the call the night before, since Israel has little to no respect for our current President.

Again, in no way has the Obama team done anything to help us.  I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary Clinton distanced herself from the Obama team following this campaign.  He has done nothing to help her, rather, he has used her position as Secretary of State to ensure himself a scapegoat.  Hillary Clinton will most likely seek the Presidential office in four years; this whole fiasco has done nothing but make her and the democrats look untrustworthy, and as far as Hillary Clinton goes, unpresidential.

Back to Benghazi; five men dead, and Obama finally, two weeks later, admitted the attack on Benghazi was a terror attack.  Confirming what the rest of us already knew.  And still, they refuse to tell us exactly what happened.  ANOTHER FAILED TRANSPARENCY on the part of the President!

Most recent update: White house watched in real time the entire attack, they were asked three separate times for support, and on each occasion denied assistance.  The navy seal that died asked if he could go in and help.  He was told to stand down multiple times.  He chose to disobey orders,  risking his career and ultimately his own life after saving many many lives.  He died a hero, doing what was morally right, not what was politically correct. He did what was RIGHT.  It is unfortunate that our President lacks the same moral courage to stand up and fight for our men, our country, but rather, put his political agenda ahead of these men and their lives. This begs the question, is this who we want leading our country?

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