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Friday, December 14, 2012

No Words...

As I walked in the door from spending time with my little side kick who is almost four year old at a local fire station for a friends birthday; I tucked him in bed for his daily nap, kissed his sweet cheek, and closed the door.  Moments later, I turned on the news, and as most multitasking mom's,turn on my laptop, start pulling laundry over to fold and the words on the television bring attention to my ears.  26 people have been shot, 20 of whom are children in a Connecticut  Elementary school, my heart sunk and I am sickened.

Connecticut elementary school shooting

I have been complaining all week about all my woes, and yet as tears stream down my cheek and my heart aches for these parents I realize how silly and insignificant my issues now appear.  Why am I not hugging my kids, why am I not loving and laughing with them, and why am I so preoccupied by the day ins and day outs of things that really don't matter! When really, I should be trying to utilize every minute I have with them. Because heaven forbid something bad happen's and I never see them again! It's hard to comprehend.

It is heart wrenching, all I want to do is hug my three beautiful children and somehow protect them from all that is evil in this world.  It is incomprehensible that anyone could take out their frustrations in life on sweet innocent children.

Every single child and adult who was somehow involved will forever be changed.  Innocence was lost.  How does one begin piecing their life back together after such a horrific tragedy?  And how do you even begin to explain or help your child who experienced something this grave, understand and work through it.

My heart goes out to these families who will never be able to kiss that sweet little face, or hug their beautiful innocent child.  I can't imagine the emptiness and heartache that has undoubtedly surrounded these people's lives due to no fault of their own.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you all!

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