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Friday, December 7, 2012

Chic on the Cheap!

I am so excited for this post! I know I know, a little eccentric!  But to be honest it's one of those things you think about aaaannnnnd it never comes to fruition! My love for fashion is somewhat of a recent thing, meaning; the last four or five years.  Before that you could probably say my fashion sense consisted of t-shirts & jeans, EVERY DAY!

It's not like I was a mom with two toddlers doing nothing besides changing diapers, cleaning up toys and spit up all day, EVERY DAY! I mean, we mom's have lots of reasons to look hot! You never know when that UPS driver is going to show up and need your John Hancock!  I mean, it's hard to look that good!  I was the girl all the delivery boys fought over, "Hey, you can't deliver to apt. A, 1100 E 1700 S, that poor college wifey with two kids... I want to, she's a hottie... ", "no way, I want to deliver that package to her, maybe she'll be wearing those de-stressed jeans with the flare bottoms today!"  Okay, okay, so I never actually had delivery boys fighting over me, but, perhaps in another life? You never know!

I am not quite sure what ended my recurring nightmare of worn out jeans and the over-washed t's.  Perhaps it was the lip gloss intervention with my girls friends a few years back! Apparently my lip liner and concealer I had been wearing for the past ten years was out of date or something?  
People, I looked good! Or not?

Or, maybe it was returning to college and actually seeing girls look hot and sexy... 
even if it was with daddy's money, fashion is fashion!  Let's be honest, after being a stay-at-home mom for eight years, you kinda sorta start looking (alright, feeling) like that worn out dish rag you use every day, you forget what it feels like to LOOK HOT & FEEL HOT! Although, I do have to say, thank goodness I was living in Utah, the fashion mecca of the U.S. (LOL) and not in Mississippi, (Mississippi State) where I'm currently residing.  Otherwise it is plausible that my fashion sense could have gotten worse, if that's even possible?  Down here fashion sense consists of over sized t-shirts over Nike running shorts peeking out the bottom like some creep peeking out the window.  I still can't quite figure that one out!  

My hubby and I decided it was their way of hooking the guys down here.  See, these girls have figured out that if they look bad all day long, then when they do get dressed up the guys are hook, line, and sinker baby!  I feel like I'm living in a time warp, like Mississippi is stuck somewhere in the late 80's or 90's, ugh!

Nevertheless, I'VE BEEN SAVED!  Something akin to one those preacher shows on t.v. when they lay their hand on the person's forehead and proclaim... "Hallelujah sista, you're SAVED!"  Except that it consists of burning or just DI'ing, (Utah talk for Salvation Army) all those nasty clothes I used to call my wardrobe.  So I had a slight intervention, either way, THANK YOU GIRLS! You saved me from the fashion police. 

So without further adieu, here is the first of many fabulous FASHION idea's, something I like to call "Chic on the Cheap"! Listed below you will find a list of the items I'm wearing and where I bought them from, 
at the great low price I paid!  Enjoy girls :)

Thanks babe for making me look hot, it takes work to make me look this good!  
(That't the beauty of magic, or in other words, Photoshop!)

This first one is my hubbies fav!  
Check out that Germack bounce back beautiful hair!
(This phrase just might age me, yikes!)

I wonder why those people are looking at me funny? 
Haven't you ever seen a "hot mom" model before, sheeez!

I've got important business to attend to people, out of the way!

Did I forget to turn the oven off, crap... I can't remember!

Is this a female version of the Marlboro man pose?  Hmm, maybe I should ask The Pioneer Cookbook Woman, I bet she'd know... I've heard she and the Marlboro man are tight!

Chic on the Cheap Items:
Navy Turtleneck Sweater (Love this!) - H&M less than $20
Mustard Colored Jeans - Old Navy Rocker/Pop Jeans on sale for $19 right now
Scarf - Tuesday Morning $9 (Love it!)
Tan Rider Boots - Shoe Carnival $35 (Usually have buy one get one half off sale)
Faux Leather Jacket - Target under $40
Nicole Miller Purse - JC Penny's under $40

I am so excited about this, I've had a few girls tell me over the last few years that I should be their own personal wardrobe stylist; man I've come a long way from those mommy jeans and t-shirt days!

So to you girls, thanks! And hopefully I can give you some great Chic ideas for Cheap, (Not cheap as in cheap, but cheap as in a fabulous price)!

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  1. love the look! lovin' the jacket especially. who knew it was target? go hot mama!!!