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Friday, February 22, 2013

Chic on the Cheap - New Favorite Find!

As a method for coping with midterm stress, I find that shopping has a way of sending "happy" endorphin's to the brain; relaxing and soothing the over-tired, over-stressed, puffy-eyed, maniac who at times resembles yours truly.

Well as it just so happened, last night while attending MSU's PRSSA monthly meeting, I had the opportunity to hear Jason Stoker speak.  Jason Stoker is a local pastor and part owner in a locally owned clothing boutique here in Starkville! Deep South Pout is the result of two couples joining ventures and making something amazing happen.  I was so impressed with what Jason and his partners (one of which is his wife) have accomplished in such a short time, that I decided to drop in today after class. Although I had previously heard of DSP since moving to the small town of Starkville, Mississipp in August of 2012, I hadn't yet made it in to check it out.  I'd heard good things about this boutique, so I was intrigued with what was to come.

My first thought as I pulled up was "that's a charming cyan bench" which was located just aside their front door.  I thought "I like their taste already"!  Immediately upon entering I was taken in by the soft and subtle hues of color.  Mint, beige, peach, corals, reds, turquoise, blacks, cremes, stripes, and polk-a-dots.  Styles ranged from southern country, classic, rustic, and things that make you wish you were walking on the beach with the sand between your toes.

As I waded through the beautiful pieces, my little boy fell in love with the fabulous jewelry they had displayed in baskets, pinned on boards, and laying across tables.  Large beads, small beads, turquoise, coral, gold, cuffs, rings, earrings, simple yet chic, Deep South Pout had something for everyone!

A few of my favorites ended up tossed across my arm as I browsed the displays.  A black and white polk-a-dotted blouse made of a silk-polyester blend, a sleeveless sheer mint polyester blend blouse, a beautiful, delicate red/coral viscosa cardigan, and few infinity scarves to name a few.

Their fitting rooms were welcoming and quaint, with ruffled curtains as dressing room doors and gold leafed full length mirrors to aid in your shopping experience.  The staff was friendly and helpful making the boutique feel warm and inviting.  As you walked through the store you could see the personal touch, the love and time that has given this store the reputation it has and deserves, drawing in names like Jen Brown, a top ESPN sportscaster.

I walked away with some fabulous additions to my wardrobe, that polk-a-dot blouse I mentioned, the pleated mint blouse, and the red/coral cardigan + a linen infinity scarf and a cotton infinity scarf for my daughter.  I was quite please with my purchases and excited to share with you what I consider "the best finds of the day"!

As fabulous as this southern boutique is, one of the things that impressed me the most is this, Deep South Pout believes in giving back!  They give to the community, they give to the local university (MSU), they are involved in reclaimedproject.org, and they are continually looking for ways to not only give back, but to improve their town and those around them.  If your interested in learning more about reclaimed project and the 1:27 initiative, click the link, or you can access it through their website by clicking on the "about us" link.

You can shop them online, or in-store.
Store locations: Starkville, MS and Columbus  MS

So go, shop, concur the woes of your everyday life! (I'm not advocating addictive shopping behavior by any means; I am saying, shopping is one hell of a anecdote for a bad/stressful day ;)

These are a few of my FAVORITE things ;) 

Live life, play hard, and shop!

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  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love them! The blue is cute for spring!!