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Monday, December 10, 2012

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I HATE mornings! No, I loath mornings!  I am that person who will stay in bed until that last possible second, even if it's 6:29 am and my alarm is planned to go off in 60 seconds or less, I will close my eyes just to squeeze the last tiny possible amount of sleep left.  This may also mean that I will be running around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off just to get out the door on time.  However, it usually means I run late!

School mornings are the worst.  Why you wonder?  I don't know.  It's really just another day but it requires my lazy butt to get out of bed earlier than I prefer.  In Utah we weren't required to get our little terrors to school until 8:40 am.  I know right! Wonderful, fantastic, bliss... I could go on and on.  Well since moving to Mississippi, we and when I say we I mostly mean me, were not very happy about the fact that school starts at the insane hour of 7:40 am.  What? PEOPLE that means I have to get up before 7 am, and that doesn't even include a good run! No, if I want to get a run in, that would mean getting my butt out of bed somewhere before that despicable hour of 6 am.  That is just pushing it people.  No one in their right mind gets up before 6 am unless they are certifiably crazy.  And I know some of those people.  You know the ones who jump out of bed like daisies every morning, and the second their alarms goes off they start singing to their little bird friends like Cinderella or something.

I have often wished I had their secret magic powers, as I'm sure this ability requires some super human strength or some super natural power! I also have often wondered and thought that if I could just meet with some hypnotist, that I could have him change my little brain to like getting up in the morning... oh and if I'm going to have him do that I might as well tell him to make me like, laundry, dishes, cleaning (this is a big one which really could cost me lots simply because it would include, dusting, toilets, tubs, mopping, windows, baseboards, cobwebs, vents, this could go on and on!) you get the point.  And this list doesn't even include the outdoor chores.

All you doubters out there, just think... how awesome would it be to LIKE getting up in the morning, getting all your happy cleaning chores done by 8 am and have the rest of your day to do as you please.

Psssttt... I know such a woman! No, really she does exist!  She also happens to have five? No, six kids! GASP ;) I know, this is no tall tale! She also plays the piano, and can play at a moments notice, I have yet to discover her other supernatural abilities, but I will keep investigating as the rest of us must know her secrets!

She divulged through much water hoarding, that she actually does LOVE mornings, and prefers to have her house cleaned, shopping done and kids eating breakfast (even on Saturday) by 8 am! Your probably wondering who in their right mind would do this, voluntarily? I personally cannot fathom it, but nevertheless (I love using that word), she does, and she is not a figment of my imagination; she truly does exist!

So, to all you early risers, CURSE YOU! Only because I wish I were you, eh sometimes!  But then I wouldn't get to enjoy that late morning sleep hangover that is blissful and joyous, however few and far between! Although these days, I can't seem to get to sleep due to my required late night quiet time.

Again, this is the debate, do I stay up late and enjoy the no little terrors (because little terrors do sleep) or do I get up early and enjoy it, and for whatever reason, the late night always wins out with me? ERRRRRR!

So I beg the question.. are you an early riser or a late nighter (like me ;)?  And what is better or worse?  I will admit I wish I were a early riser, I'm almost certain I would be 100 x more productive if I were. Mheh!


  1. I could have written this post about mornings! I still have the blissful 9:00am school for my kids and as much as my son begs to be in AM school, the thought of getting up in the 7am's is horrible to me! I have my alarm set to 8am, even 7:55 sounds bad LOL. It's a mind game!! I was thinking of making small goals to get up earlier and to bed earlier....just haven't gotten there yet.

    1. Lol, I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Small goals, hmmm, sounds like something I need to try! Let me know how it works out for you ;)