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Monday, November 5, 2012

Decision 2012: War on Women, Part 2

Abortion is such a sensitive topic as we've already seen because there is NO clean cut line.  When a girl through no choice of her own loses her agency due to the malicious desires or power kick of some crazed lunatic rapist, it complicates things.  When drug addicted women lose the ability to make wise choices under the influence of a substance that physically and mentally changes her brain and her ability to decide right from wrong, this causes concern.  When a baby is forced to come into a world drug induced or is the result of incest or rape, decisions become  formidable. 

However, there is something fundamentally wrong about a girl who, through poor, unplanned choices of her own; relinquishes her responsibility through the act of abortion.  This begs the question. Does this become the responsibility of the American taxpayers? Are we expected to pay for their lack of preparedness?  

What we need is to figure out a way to educate these girls before they find themselves in these precarious positions.  We need to figure out what is at the root of this epidemic. Can this be blamed on poor education, poor social backgrounds?  I'm sure some would argue, and perhaps there is some truth behind those notions.  However, the brutal reality is simple; we have become a nation of selfish desires and we continue to exacerbate the idea of entitlement.

Should women wanting an abortion with no outlying circumstances be required to pay for their abortion?  Should certain circumstances be covered and others not? Is it possible to take into account those who legitimately require and possibility need an abortion, or should all women be allowed to terminate a pregnancy no matter the reason?

First, These girls need to get some birth control, and IF they cannot afford it, then we can step in and give them free birth control, or stop having sex and practice abstinence. It's FREE!
Second, I understand that things happen, so learn the first time around and stop the excessive use of unnecessary abortions in the United States just so girls don't have to deal with the consequences. 
Third, doesn't this all go back to the breakdown of the family?  Families continue to be attacked; and without kids having someone who can teach them integrity, morality, & responsibility; we will continue to see kids making adult decisions without the knowledge to do so adequately.
And finally, going back to accountability; only when we are held accountable for our actions do we learn lessons from tough choices.  Instead, we are giving these girls a free pass.  These girls, (And I am not talking about rape victims, etc.) act as if they are doing nothing wrong.

WE ALL have days where we wish we didn't have kids; where we wish we could lead another life free of diapers, poop, feedings, laundry, housecleaning, tantrums, and everything else moms get to deal with.  But, it in NO way negates the atrocity of abortion as a result of entitlement.

Planned Parenthood has proven time again that the rules do not apply to them.  In this video, Live Action goes undercover as a mother who wants to abort their baby if it is a girl.  In this particular interview, they are talking about waiting until the mom is around twenty weeks so they know what the sex is, and then are told, if at that time you find out it's a girl, you can abort it. My favorite part is, the Planned Parenthood advisor tells her, "you can get pregnant right after the abortion, I've had two abortions myself and I have two kids, so I know". The Planned Parenthood advisor never bats an eye. Apparently we are starting to follow China's lead, let's just throw our baby girls away. Sounds rational right?

"In 2009 Planned Parenthood received over $360 Million dollars of taxpayers dollars in government grants".  In 2010 they received over $500 million.  Taxpayer dollars are going to pay for girls to have abortions, and sometimes multiple abortions. Planned Parenthood would argue that their money is not allowed to go towards abortion, however the number of abortions are increasing, and the lack of credibility on their behalf is overwhelming. Unfortunate, considering in the beginning Planned Parenthood was probably created to truly advocate for women's rights.  Now, it has become a foggy mess of moral abandonment mixed with politics.

I understand that women want to be able to decide what happens to their body's.  Let's put the politics aside.  We are women, we were given the most powerful ability on earth, to bear a child.  No man can do this!  But girls are choosing every day that this incredible gift is not so great and they opt for the selfish and destructive act of abortion.

Women, we are smarter than this.  Stop having unprotected sex if you're not interested in having a baby.  If pregnancy occurs and it's not the desired outcome of the woman, choose life, and choose to give it to someone who wants it.  You have the right to decide whether you want to be a mother, or not.  But if you don't, KNOW that someone else does! Your selfless act will give you knowledge and the sweet assurance that out of this, what you may see as a tragedy, came a gift that someone else could not give themselves.  Think outside the box, become a surrogate mother and find a woman who WANTS your baby!

As mentioned in part one... a friend of mine made the argument that there are times when abortion may be necessary.  In the situation of abortion due to rape, incest, abuse, drugs, or in the event of death to mother and/or child,  I believe in these situations women should have the option to an abortion  These are sensitive subjects and their is no one who can make that decision except the individual who is living through that specific circumstance.

In the event of a woman choosing an abortion based purely off of her selfish and narcissistic desires... why not choose life?  YES, pro-life involves sacrifice on behalf of the mother carrying the child.  She may feel insecure, ridiculed, and scared.  But, I believe that when we base our decision on what is best for the baby, all involved can be blessed, including those on the receiving end of that beautiful baby.  Parents who could not give themselves what they so desired will forever be grateful & indebted to that individual for the selfless and beautiful gift that only she could give.

"Stand with Protect Our Girls to call for a nationwide ban on the unethical practice of sex-selection abortion in America."

*If you are interested in more information on Live Action click here.

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