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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mi Hacienda, a Little Authentic Slice of Heaven this Side of the Mississippi

As an out-of-towner, its been difficult for me to find that one restaurant in Starkville that calls to me. You all know the one I'm talking about, the one that you crave after you've tucked all your kids in bed on a Friday night. Okay, perhaps I'm in another world of my own as a mother of three; but, believe me - you've all experienced it at some time or another. With many of the restaurants in town offering the typical southern cuisine, it can be frustrating when you are use to having a plethora of restaurant styles to choose from - and my absolute favorite that I still crave to this day - Cafe Rio, the quintessential idea of fresh Mexican food at its best, a restaurant we need to bring here. Well, since coming here a year-and-a-half-ago, Mi Hacienda has been one of my top favorites, that and Little Dooey's, but that's another food blog for another day.

From the authentic smiles that greet you as you walk through the door, the Latin music, the brightly painted murals and the pleasant servers, Mi Hacienda stands ready to throw you into the Latin culture - even in the deep south. Friday, one of the last days to eat and vote for "Restaurant Week" had fast approached, so I decided to take advantage and as always, was excited to go in and enjoy, yet again, a fabulous meal.

As I sat down with my friend, we were immediately presented with some of their mouth-watering fresh homemade "restaurant style" salsa and warm tortilla chips. YES, I said warm tortilla chips. There is little on this earth as yummy and comforting as warm tortilla chips dipped in restaurant style salsa and a diet coke to boot. I was in my little slice of heaven, in a little corner booth, in a little Mexican restaurant in the little college town of Starkville.

As we sat waiting for another friend to make her appearance, the Latin waiter (wink wink) attended our every need. Between the chip refills, salsa refills and diet coke refills, or in my girlfriends case; a Dr. Pepper and multiple refills, we were happy just taking in the fact that A. We did not have any of our children with us, and B. That we could devour all the free (okay probably not free) chips and salsa we could possibly desire, and believe me when I say, I always make it worth my while (and my money).

After we finally ordered, it took only minutes - or so it seemed - before our food ventured out to our table. It looked fantastic, and tasted even better. My favorite lunch item - the fajita taco. It's the perfect size with all your favorite fixings you could want. It is perfection at its best, Mexican style.

Before I knew it, I had all but licked the plate clean, has had my other friends. Between the incredibly satisfying food, and the laugh-your-___ off company, the lunch was a hit. I am thrilled that Mi Hacienda's calls Starkville home. It is the closest thing to authentic this side of the Mississippi.

I always say, if I were what I ate, I'd be a Mexican. And Mi Hacienda proves my point, once again.

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