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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is the War on Women Coming from Women?

A woman films herself having an abortion. To get herself through it, she talks about humming and thinking positive thoughts throughout. She also talks about how it feels to have the ability to give life (while she is taking it), and that if her apartment burned down, the first thing she would grab is her picture of her sonogram - before she killed the baby.

What she doesn't say, is that instead of giving life, she took life. What she hasn't said, is how it is effecting her now. What she didn't do, was be an unselfish. What she wasn't - strong.

A woman who knows her value and the value of life is STRONG and she is BEAUTIFUL.

Being strong is more than claiming women's rights, or equality. It is giving a voice to someone who doesn't have a voice. Being strong is unselfish love. Being strong is not something you can gain through selfishness - that is the opposite of strong, that is weak. Someone who purposely hurts another to put themselves ahead - is narcissistic. That, is what this world has become.

Today we have become numb. We fall in tow with the crowd. We cower at our own ability to make right choices. We find that our actions leave impressions that will remain forever. We convince ourselves that it is okay, that somehow, this choice we are making is the harder choice. We pat ourselves on the back, and we call it "standing up for women's rights." We allow ourselves to be pulled in by the current, rather than take a stance against the rushing ideologies of the world. Our so-called principles fall under "popular" or "cool." Eventually, we lose sight of who we are, why we are here. Instead... we realize we have become a facade of what we think we should be, but realize, we are not what we could have been.

The idea that aborting ones baby has no long-lasting effect on the mother is absurd. The realization that tree's are now more important than human life is also absurd. Have we become so desensitized by our world that we no longer value the gift of life?

Have women become so selfish that they - even in the most imperfect situation - can not realize the depth and gravity of the choice that they are making when they choose to kill an innocent child. I have no doubt that those who are pro-abortion have taken hold of the notion that all that matters in this world is "ME."

This is not equality, this is selfishness at its very root. Why not sacrifice a few months and give a gift that another could not give themselves. Why not be the bearer of the gift of life, rather than the one who took it. Do you really want to chose death for another who could not choose it for themselves.

I am tired of all the haters who claim that pro-life takes away a women's right. That it somehow makes her less than a man to believe life is precious, or that somehow she is weaker if she chooses to give life. This is where they're wrong.

A man, no matter what he does, can NEVER EVER give life. He may be able to save life if he becomes a doctor, but he will never have the gift that we as women have - to give another LIFE. The war on women is coming from women, unfortunately. We are taking our right, our gift, and throwing it away.

Having a baby is the most powerful gift on this planet... whether it is a moment of joy for you personally, or for someone else, there is nothing more emotional and more powerful than a woman's ability to give birth to a beautiful, capable, human being.

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