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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Something's Got to Give!

I know for me, those who helped me pack up my messy house last week were probably thinking, "Wow, and I thought she had it all together! ;)" haha! But, guess what, I have been taking a lesson out of the mommy handbook that says, it's okay for my house to be messy if it means I'm not yelling at my children all night long - because there are lessons to go to, school work to be done, and my homework to me done. And so, for sanity's sake, I decided to let my house slip, just a little bit... knowing that Spring break is coming, and I will find some time between everything else to straighten it up. Until then, I'm trying to be the mom I want to be, not the one I think I'm suppose to be!

Check this out! This is how I often feel... and so, I'm trying to care a little less about what is really NOT important, and what really IS important! Like, loving my children for who they are, and not the perfect munchkin's I so often expect them to be!


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