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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movies, Schools, Running, is America Free Anymore?

As we all remain shell shocked by the apparent terror attack witnessed yesterday at the Boston marathon killing three and injuring 170+ people you begin to wonder, is this where America is headed?

 Perhaps government will now realize that it is not the weapon but the individual (insane or not) who determines whether someone has the right to live anymore. As we digest this latest atrocity occurring at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, just one of too many recent deadly attempts to thwart the very freedom that our country was founded on. The American resolve stands strong. Across the centuries millions have flocked to America in search of "freedom", only to have it taken away by self-indulgent, self-entitled, insane individuals who believe the worth of a human soul is only valued according to how ticked off they are that day,the unbelievable idea that they will "be saved" by suicide bombing, or how "wronged" they have been by society as a whole.

Now, we can't even go running without having to worry about what fanatic is going to thwart our very freedom to exercise, run, breath, or live. The next time a runner wants to sign up for the Boston or New York marathon for which they have spent years training for, they will wonder; will I live to see the finish line?

America's freedoms are being threatened every day by mental cases that perhaps were coddled by their caregivers, or maybe sent to the basement so their parent didn't have to "parent" them, or did not have the confidence to fight off the constant badgering by "mean girls" or boys.

Let's examine the past few cases. The columbine incident, the shooting in Massachusetts, the theatre shooting; where were the parents? I am by no means an expert in any of these cases, but the idea that these parent(s) were unaware of their son owning a gun, or in some cases researching kill tactics online, or even playing hours and hours of violent video games is outlandish. Apparently it is now okay to not know what the hell your child is doing for hours in their room by themselves. As the ideals of "family" are being torn apart, as parents no longer deem it their responsibility to actually raise their own kids, and as kids are left to fend for themselves... we will continue to see the degrading effects of the family being torn apart, and the results - children who don't have a conscience.

To be cool these days you cannot have a mom and dad. No, now it is cool to just have a mom, or a dad, or, two moms or two dads. Girls are having unwed children one right after the other just so they can pull a paycheck from the government. Since when did we as Americans stoop so low as to have a child just to get a damn paycheck that is not deserved? By doing this they are putting their child in the most un-ideal situation possible just so they can stay home and be lazy. Has our integrity been stripped, have our morals completely washed away with the sands of time? How can one hold their head up high when they know that deep down they are not fulfilling their duty as a human being, as a child of God, to work by the sweat of their brow? Work, what? I'm supposed to actually work for money? Yes, and as a result, you contribute to your family and society as a whole.

Unfortunately some single parents don't have a choice, whether from divorce, death, sickness, or other outstanding circumstances; many do not choose their path they now find themselves in. I applaud their efforts at doing their best to raise their family in this world that is constantly pulling you under. Raising a child is among the most difficult things to do, when done right. These situations are to be commended.

Yet with the continued disintegration of the family it is inevitable that we will continue to see more and more violence at the hands of those who have either been neglected, feel self-entitled, or need medical treatment for which they are not being treated, or diagnosed.

It is almost impossible these days to have a one parent working household. With higher taxes, increased food prices, gas prices, mortgages, it is next to hopeless to maintain the dynamic parent situation. As women struggle to find their place in the home and at work, as more and more men are taking on multiple responsibilities at work and at home, and as more and more children are left to raise themselves; is it no wonder we are seeing so many atrocities occurring in our once safe and stable country?

No longer can we go to the movies without worrying whether or not it will be safe because some lunatic wants to act out a villain; like they are playing out some childhood fantasy. Don't they know frustrations can still be taken out on 1 inch army figures (it releases the same frustration); nope, now they are using "real people" and real weapons. Perhaps this will be a wakeup call for the fanatic left wing liberals who claim guns are the problem. Like Jim Carey is the only one who should have a gun to protect himself.

Perhaps Obama will realize that by raising prices, taxes, and fuel across the board, he is tearing down the family by forcing parents to work longer hours just to pay the bills. Perhaps this administration will start to think about the costly effects of Obamacare and the individual and small businesses that are being affected, forcing both parents to work (or work more hours or hold two jobs). Perhaps Washington will open their eyes to the ideals that set America apart from the beginning. The very reasons men sailed to America: democracy, family, religion, small business; the very things now being threatened. Now liberals are brainwashing our children; in elementary, high school, and college with their rhetorical nonsense. Socialism is the model society, that is, according to liberals. Because apparently socialistic governments are ideal, I mean Greece and Spain are great, right?

As one who strongly believes in morals, families, God, and standing up for what is right, I find it deplorable how our government continues to threaten the very freedoms our country was founded upon. Washington continues to spend money on lavish vacations, conventions, and Obamacare. They continue to give handouts to those who should be looking for a job (there are jobs available). Unfortunately, they continue to play roulette with our money and our future. Rather than pass a budget, they sit, wasting taxpayer dollars because no one is willing to agree on anything. The very people, who are supposed to fight for our rights, are actually the ones taking them away.

America, is this the country you want? You want government controlling your right to protect yourself? You want government to tell you how to raise your children? You want government telling you how and what insurance you should buy, and if you don't they want to tax the life out of you? It reminds me of the old story "Robin Hood", why did Robin Hood raise up in rebellion against government, because Prince John was taxing the life out of the poor people of Nottingham. That is exactly what Obama is doing, taking away our right to bear arms, making the people dependent upon big government and above all, raising taxes!

The liberals come out in full force, and conservatives, by nature are conservative. However, if we don't start fighting for what we believe in, there will be nothing left to fight for. It will all be gone. And you will no longer be safe just to go for a walk, or enjoy a movie, or worse; send your kid to school. You will be at the mercy of the ever over-reaching government to protect you because you didn't stand up and defend your very rights as an American, including your right to bear arms. Anyone dreaming of opening a small business will think twice because of the atrocious taxes they face. And we, Americans will continue to see higher and higher taxes, forcing us to be dependent upon those in office to maintain any decency of life.

It seems no one in Washington has the moral courage anymore to fight for the things they promised just to get into office. I'm tired of wondering how I'm going to send my kids to college, or how I'm going to pay for Obamacare, if the dream of a better future is being jeopardized. We are stronger than they who tear down everything that is right in this world. It is no longer okay to silently go throughout this life hoping that things will "work-out". It is time to stand up for what is right. It is time to stand up for what you believe in... Otherwise, there will be no battle to wage – the war will be over!

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